Watch: Great Disney Doc, 'Walt: The Man Behind the Myth'

Watch: Great Disney Doc, 'Walt: The Man Behind the Myth'

Sep 02, 2011

While flipping through stations late last night, we stumbled across this really fantastic documentary on the life of Walt Disney over at CNBC called Walt: The Man Behind the Myth. It premiered earlier this year and occasionally airs late at night, but the good news is that it's also on YouTube split up into eight different parts. All the great stories about Walt Disney are in here -- most of which are told by his family members and close friends. Some of the best parts, though, are in the beginning, when we journey back to the early 1920s as we learn the real story behind Walt's rise in the world of animation.

From his first failed animation studio out of a garage to who really came up with the name Mickey Mouse (originally named Mortimer Mouse), there are some real fun stories hidden inside this thing. Plus there's all sorts of home video footage taken by the Disney family way back when, which, to us, is the most impressive part of this doc. Not just that they'd be filming so many home videos way back when, but that they still exist to this day.

If you have some time today or over the long holiday weekend, check this out. If you're any kind of Disney fan (or animation fan) you'll really dig it.


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