Watch a Great 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Making-of Video and Read Harrison Ford's Script Notes

Watch a Great 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Making-of Video and Read Harrison Ford's Script Notes

Jan 30, 2013

One of our favorite Tumblrs is at it again: Cinephilia & Beyond posted this fantastic Raiders of the Lost Ark video, which is a great look at the detailed planning that went into making one of cinema's most popular franchises. Also included are several pages from  what's said to be Harrison Ford's copy of the Raiders script, complete with his own notes scribbled throughout. 

In the clip, we get to listen to director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas discuss the origins of the story about a globetrotting archaeologist fighting the Nazis in order to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant. Lucas wanted to capture the spirit of 1930s and 1940s adventure serials that were popular during Saturday matinees. His space epic Star Wars ended up consuming his time, and he shelved the Indiana Jones idea until he found out Spielberg wanted to create a movie that featured a James Bond-type character. The two joined forces, and film history was made.

In the video we learn that several actors were considered for the part of the handsome, death-defying professor — including Tim Matheson, Peter Coyote and Tom Selleck. The latter mustachioed actor ended up passing on the part since he was already committed to Magnum, P.I., but we get to see him donning the distinctive fedora in an audition reel with Sean Young. She seems fine enough in the part of Indy's former lover and partner in adventure Marion Ravenwood, but Karen Allen adds a nice comedic element that made the role memorable.

Another cool tidbit of info we learn: Lucas apparently has a good-luck theory about all the Star Wars films having been shot at Elstree Studios in England, which is why Raiders ended up there during production.

Check out the clip and the script pages below (which include the extended bar scene that didn't make the final cut), and feel free to nerd out in the comments. There are some other Raiders goodies at Cinephilia, so stop by and say hello.


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