Watch: Go Behind-The-Scenes of 'The Hobbit' in Latest Production Video

Watch: Go Behind-The-Scenes of 'The Hobbit' in Latest Production Video

Dec 26, 2011

Teaser poster for The HobbitChristmas may be over, but Peter Jackson and the crew of The Hobbit have one more gift left to give lovers of film and Middle Earth alike – it comes in the form of a new behind-the-scenes video chronicling the making of the film.

This fifth installment in Jackson’s series (available on Facebook), finds the massive production making the shift from studio shooting to filming scenes in the wilds of New Zealand. Moving any film production from a studio to an outdoor setting is a huge undertaking, but in The Hobbit’s case, we don’t think there’s an adjective that adequately describes what a mammoth undertaking it truly is. Everything has to go into trucks – make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, cameras…it looks like a logistical nightmare.

It’s a necessary evil, though, as location shooting in New Zealand is part of what made Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films so unforgettable. The scenic vistas and a perfect recreation of the Hobbit’s home of The Shire gave those films a very real feeling that couldn’t be achieved solely through the use of green screen and digital effects.

The production returns to The Shire in the second half of the video and Elijah Wood (in full Frodo garb) helps give us a tour. The biggest change is that the Hobbit homes have been recreated – and this time, they’re not just polystyrene prop facades, but real wood and brick and stone. The location has become a tourist attraction for visitors to New Zealand, and now the sets will last much longer – allowing more visitors to enjoy the magic of the films up close and personal.

All in all, last week was a big week for fans of The Hobbit – between the debut of the trailer and the unveiling of this new behind-the-scenes feature, we’re more excited than ever to return to Middle Earth. Next Christmas can’t get here soon enough, but until then, enjoy this new clip.

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