Watch: George Lucas and Mark Hamill Explain the Origins of the Lightsaber

Watch: George Lucas and Mark Hamill Explain the Origins of the Lightsaber

Apr 01, 2014

Star Wars Lightsaber battle

If you were to stop 100 movie geeks on the street and ask them what fictional weapon they’d choose if they could have anything they wanted, we're willing to bet that at least 90 of them would say a lightsaber. The iconic weapon of the Jedi Knights is, as Ben Kenobi put it, “an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.” Plus, being able to slice through pretty much anything is just flat-out awesome.

A few years back, LucasFilm created a brief documentary on the history of the galaxy’s most revered weapon – a peek behind the curtain to see how George Lucas and his team created movie magic. Now, that documentary has turned up on YouTube -- where you can see it for yourself.


Lucas, Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt spend roughly 15 minutes discussing the origin of the lightsaber. Lucas wanted to capture the tone and feel of pirate and adventure movies from the ‘40s, but update it for futuristic sci-fi. As such, the concept of the laser sword was born.

The short is filled with fascinating information (and lots of great behind-the-scenes footage of Hamill practicing his sword skills), revealing how the weapon evolved over the course of the films – allowing fights to become more elaborate and intricately choreographed.

Check out the video below, and remember that every new day is one day closer to the time when we can all have our very own fully functioning Lightsaber. What a glorious day that will be...

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