Watch a Funny New 'Thor: Ragnarok' Clip, Plus Jeff Goldblum Riffs on the Meaning of the Title

Watch a Funny New 'Thor: Ragnarok' Clip, Plus Jeff Goldblum Riffs on the Meaning of the Title

Oct 11, 2017

Excitement for Thor: Ragnarok is heating up with less than a month to go before its release. Critics are raving about the upcoming Marvel movie, third of the sub-series focused on Thor, and promotion for the sequel is ramping up. Today we've got a couple fun things to share, as if you need more reason to look forward to this thing. 


Thor laments the loss of his love, Mjolnir

First up is a new clip from Thor: Ragnarok showcased on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, during an apperance by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. The scene features Thor and a rock creature named Korg, played via performance capture by director Taika Waititi.

The characters discuss Thor's lost weapon, the hammer Mjolnir, and it's done sort of self-parodically. Hemsworth also talks about the inception of this ad-libbed scene and explains a certain photo of himself, Waititi and Sir Anthony Hopkins from the set of the movie. 


Jeff Goldblum reads fan tweets

Marvel has been promoting Thor: Ragnarok on Twitter with the hashtag "#WhatsRagnarok," to which many fans have replied. As further promotion, they got Jeff Goldblum, who plays the Grandmaster in the movie, to read some of these answers while wearing a very colorful, Thor-Ragnarok-ian sweater.

Of course, he's Jeff Goldblum, so there's always more verbiage than just a simple reading. In one video he sings a tune from the Big Chill soundtrack, in another he does his impersonation of the Count from Sesame Street and in another he does his impression of an elephant.

Watch these three best below and check out more collected at io9.




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