Watch: Freddy Vs. Jason: The Rematch

Watch: Freddy Vs. Jason: The Rematch

Oct 25, 2011

Freddy vs. Jason posterWe’re just a few days away from Halloween – so what better time for a rematch between two of the biggest titans of terror, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees?

Last time these two met up was in Freddy Vs. Jason – a cinematic battle to the death between two monsters who can’t be killed. That fight ended in a draw and fans have spent the intervening years wondering when we’d get to see a round two. Thanks to the guys at Beat Down Boogie, the answer to that question is “today.”

The three-minute short film is a labor of love created by the team of guerilla filmmakers. It’s interesting in that it reimagines Freddy and Jason in a way that has them fighting in a brawl that looks like it was choreographed by someone like Yuen Woo Ping. While it’s at first disconcerting to see Freddy and Jason trading martial arts blows, it kinda makes sense when one stops and considers that Freddy Vs. Jason was directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Ronny Yu.

The guys at Beat Down Boogie took time out of their schedule to shoot the short as a treat for their fans who wanted to get into the holiday spirit, and we think they were successful. While Freddy’s voice is definitely not Robert Englund (or even Jackie Earle Haley), it’s still close enough to keep the illusion intact.

Check out the clip below and then swing by the Beat Down Boogie website to learn more about these young filmmakers and their upcoming action comedy of the same name. 

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