Watch: The First Four Minutes of 'Warm Bodies'

Watch: The First Four Minutes of 'Warm Bodies'

Dec 27, 2012

The zombie movie gets a unique twist this February 1 when Warm Bodies hits theaters, starring rising star Nicholas Hoult as a kid who's stuck somewhere between being a full-on nasty, brains-eating zombie and a regular teenage boy who's got a crush on a girl. That girl is played by one of our favorite young actresses, Teresa Palmer, and following last month's trailer debut, Fandango has premiered the first four minutes of the movie, which you can watch below. 

Based on the book by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies was directed by Jonathan Levine, whose previous film 50/50 also straddled the line between dark and light, making him a perfect fit for the tale of a conflicted zombie who falls for a human. When we spoke to Levine last year, he was excited to be trying something different with the genre. "What we're trying to make here is very different, very unique -- the tone is a little ballsier, I think. Yes it's still a romance, but it has more elements of humor; it's got cynicism and irony and cultural commentary. It's just smart. That's what appeals to me about it."

Warm Bodies hits theaters on February 1. Let us know what you think of its first four minutes below.

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