Watch: Fantastic Fest's Fantastic 2011 Bumpers (Including the Disgusting Winner)

Watch: Fantastic Fest's Fantastic 2011 Bumpers (Including the Disgusting Winner)

Sep 29, 2011

We've mentioned countless reasons why Fantastic Fest is one of the more unique film festivals out there, but those looking for one more reason can find it in their annual bumper contest. A "bumper" is a short video that screens prior to the movie that sort of introduces the festival and occasionally ends with a sponsor card. Each festival does different things with their bumpers -- from comedic pieces starring notable filmmakers and actors, to more inspiring videos about the history of the festival and the films that have played there. And then you have the Fantastic Fest bumpers, which take the whole bumper thing to some pretty ... interesting places.

This year's bumper contest featured the theme "Altered States," and contestants had to submit a video that was between 15 and 45 seconds long, and ended with the line of dialogue, "That's fantastic!" While the festival hasn't made all their bumpers available (we believe they included enough bumpers that it was possible for you to never see the same one twice), a few of them are online, including the winning bumper by Nick Robinson (@nickrob).

Please note that all of these -- and especially this first video -- are very NSFW.  


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