Watch: Fans Spend Years Making an Elaborate Jurassic Park Game

Watch: Fans Spend Years Making an Elaborate Jurassic Park Game

Jan 03, 2013

There have been more than a few Jurassic Park games over the years, some better than others (the Sega version let you play as Dr. Grant OR a velociprator!), but none have fully taken us into the movie world of Jurassic Park. They've all borrowed some scenes from Steven Spielberg's movie, some from Michael Crichton's book, and some were just plain made up. Unfortunately Jurassic Life looks to still be keeping that last tradition alive, but they also look to let us explore the movie's visual space in ways no other games have.

If the game ever actually gets finished, that is.

Jurassic Life is a Jurassic Park-themed Half-Life 2 mod that lets you play as none other than Robert Muldoon, and as impressive as it looks, that doesn't mean it's an actual game yet. It's made by fans in their spare time, which means the most the public may ever see of it is the trailer below. And honestly, even if it never gets released in a playable state, or even if it does and ends up being incredibly boring, we'd be okay with that. We just like the idea that not only are fans meticulously making their own Jurassic Park game nearly two decades after Spielberg's film came out, but that they're doing so on a game engine that's also approaching vintage status. There's layers of geeky dedication here that we supremely admire.

Of course, if the game does ever come out we will actually give it a go and report back, but as an avid fan of the Source engine mod community who has been burned by never-released ambitious projects in the past, I'm not exactly holding my breath for its release anytime soon, and neither should you*. But for now a geek can watch and hope.

*For example, the only playable file that has been released is a map of the visitor center, and that was in January of 2008. Awesome, yes, but not exactly timely.

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