Watch an Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Film Four Years in the Making

Watch an Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Film Four Years in the Making

Dec 06, 2013

Junk Head 1

We all have dreams, but most of us never achieve them because we let life get in the way of pursuing our goals. That’s not true of Takahide Hori (known online as Yamiken) – an office worker in Japan by day and stop-motion animator after hours. Hori’s dream was to become a filmmaker and the fledgling director has spent the past four years meticulously crafting a sci-fi adventure entitled Junk Head 1. You can see the fruits of his labor below.

Hori is hoping the 10-minute short film will intrigue people enough that they watch his full 30-minute cut when he releases it later this month or early next year. That version will hopefully convince investors to help fund an hour-long sequel that he will eventually attach to the 30-minute cut, creating a full 90-minute feature film.

The director says he doesn’t think the sequel will take four long years to make – if only because he’d quit his day job to do it.

“I don't have the stamina to do that for a sequel, so if I'm able to gather the resources, I plan to quit my job and focus on filmmaking. It's all or nothing."

Crowd-funding can be a tricky thing to navigate, but based on the quality of Yamiken’s work in this 10-minute clip, it’s hard to imagine anime geeks and stop-motion fanatics not ponying up some cash to back this project. The work is impressive, particularly given that this Hori’s first foray into stop-motion work and filmmaking. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Watch the clip below and see for yourself.

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