Watch: Famous Actors Who Got Their Big Breaks in Bad Horror Movies

Watch: Famous Actors Who Got Their Big Breaks in Bad Horror Movies

Oct 31, 2014

Jennifer Aniston LeprechaunBecoming a movie star is no simple task. Actors often have to “pay their dues” by appearing in low-budget films just to get noticed. Horror cinema has given many a future A-lister their first crack at becoming a celebrity, even if many of those celebs would prefer to forget the films they appeared in. With that in mind, YouTube channel Watch Mojo has put together this entertaining video highlighting a slew of actors who slummed it in genre films before becoming household names.

While almost everyone knows that Johnny Depp got his big break in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (Depp is devoured by a bed), and that Kevin Bacon has a bad time at Camp Crystal Lake in the original Friday the 13th, did you know that George Clooney did horror before he was famous? What about Amy Adams and Leonardo DiCaprio? Yep – all these big names (and others) appeared in horror films long before the general public knew who they were.

We won’t spoil all the stars featured in the video, but we will say it’s pretty entertaining seeing some of these actors before they were earning awards nominations and eight-figure salaries. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, too – there are countless other stars who worked in the genre back in their salad days. Ah horror cinema – molding America’s future celebrities for decades.

If all this horror and Halloween talk has you interested in settling in with spooky movies, Blastr has you covered with this cool list of 10 fright flicks in the public domain that you can watch right now for free. There are some real gems in there – including Vincent Price’s Last Man on Earth and Romero’s infamous Night of the Living Dead.




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