Watch an Extended Preview for Guillermo del Toro's Crazy New Vampire Show 'The Strain'

Watch an Extended Preview for Guillermo del Toro's Crazy New Vampire Show 'The Strain'

Jun 04, 2014

How gross does the television adaptation for Guillermo del Toro's The Strain sound? Based on the description of the book, pretty nasty. Del Toro created the vampire-based horror series intending to debut it on television, but the filmmaker was unable to secure a buyer for the concept. He adapted it for a series of books with writer Chuck Hogan, but FX eventually came into the picture. Now, it's back to the small screen. The Strain premieres on July 13.

Check out an extended TV spot for the show below.

As website io9 points out, these are no ordinary vampires. The undead are likened to parasitic creatures, with some of their biology based on real animals. Warning: do not eat while reading what follows unless you have an iron stomach:

The digestive and circulatory systems of a vampire are simplified and fused, the vampire's interior organs most resembling a series of connected sacs. Nutrition from a blood feeding is transported throughout this system via a thick, viscous white fluid that forms the vampire equivalent of blood. The capillary worms are present in this fluid, swimming throughout the circulatory system and often visible beneath the vampire's thin skin. Like rodents, a vampire is unable to vomit, its suction-based digestive process functioning only one way. All bodily waste is excreted from a single rectal orifice in the form of a pungent ammonia-based spray; a vampire will excrete for the entire duration of a feeding, purging old food as it consumes new blood.

The vampiric virus will spread throughout New York in the FX series, with Dr. Ephraim "Eph" Goodweather and Abraham Setrakian teaming up with a "motley crew of fighters" to contain the infection and save the city. Check out a preview of The Strain aboveThankfully they spared us from the rodent-style secretion business… for now.




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