Watch: Everything Wrong with 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Under Three Minutes

Watch: Everything Wrong with 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Under Three Minutes

Dec 27, 2012

Dark Knight Rises posterYouTube channel CinemaSins only has three videos uploaded so far, but we’re already a huge fan of its work. Its latest release, "Everything Wrong with The Dark Knight Rises in Three Minutes or Less," is sure to spread its name even further across the Internet.

This newest entry in the series tackles Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman film – incisively pointing out plot mistakes, continuity errors and other missteps in a mere three minutes. It’s clever video – part comedy, part film deconstruction – that’s actually successful in both regards. Sure, we get a few Bane voice jokes along with one or two other gags that don’t quite hit the mark, but overall this is good stuff – and proves that even the movies we love are often filled with mistakes and unresolved plot issues. Ah, the magic of the willing suspension of disbelief…

Check out the newest clip below, then scroll down a bit more to find some of CinemaSins’ earlier work – featuring observations on The Avengers and a superfast examination of The Amazing Spider-Man. If you like what you see, be sure to swing by its YouTube channel and subscribe

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