Watch: Early 'Looper' Concept Video Features Brad Pitt and 'Blade Runner'

Watch: Early 'Looper' Concept Video Features Brad Pitt and 'Blade Runner'

Aug 21, 2014

Looper posterIt’s not unusual for filmmakers to make proof-of-concept videos to help sell Hollywood executives on their projects. Since film is a visual medium, it’s beneficial to be able to present a vision of what a multimillion-dollar project will look like long before anyone actually spends those huge amounts of money to make it. It also really helps if you’re pitching a high-concept idea that can’t be adequately summed up in a logline.

Filmmaker Rian Johnson understood this, and he shot this awesome proof-of-concept video for his time-travel film Looper. What’s really amazing about this is how closely the tone of the concept video matches the one found in the finished film, even though it's using footage from other sources. Johnson uses animation and sequences from Blade Runner and Se7en to complement the voice-over narration that pitches the film’s plot. The result is impressive. We can see why studio execs decided to make the movie.

Johnson explains his logic behind the video below.

“This is a strange curiosity I thought might be interesting - just after I finished the script for Looper but before we began preproduction I asked Joe to record some voice-over, and with help from my friend Ronen Verbit constructed this "fake trailer" using clips from other movies. This is a fairly common thing to do when you're trying to get a movie off the ground, but it was the first time I tried it. It was meant to show more some of the film's tone, and to show how the odd concept could be presented in a clear and compelling way in the marketing. Zach Johnson did the sketches. Note that we hadn't begun the casting process yet, and the clips were chosen just based on their visuals and not by who is in them.”

Now we wonder if Johnson made an awesome proof of concept video to wow the Disney folks before they hired him to direct Star Wars: Episode VIII...

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