Watch: Duncan Jones Reunites with 'Moon' Modelers for Virgin Money Commercial

Watch: Duncan Jones Reunites with 'Moon' Modelers for Virgin Money Commercial

Jan 09, 2012

Duncan Jones, Director of MoonMoon director Duncan Jones has become a fanboy favorite thanks in no small part to his keen eye for intriguing visuals – so it’s no surprise that his recently-debuted commercial for Virgin’s foray into the world of banking looks better than just about anything else you’re likely to see on television. Don’t take our word for it, though – have a gander at the clip below.

The commercial, which reunited Jones with some of the miniatures modelers he worked with on Moon, is an ambitious piece that blends models, live action actors, and CGI to show how Virgin plans to take the world of finance by storm. Honestly, we didn’t really care what the clip was selling – it was more interesting as an exercise in cool visuals.

The clip debuted on ITV last night, at 8:15, during an episode of Dancing on Ice. After the spot aired, Jones took to Twitter, saying “New Virgin Money commercial out in UK today. Great fun working with some of the same model miniature peeps I did Moon with!”

We love pretty much everything about this clip, which encapsulates all the things we adore about Jones’ work in general in a nifty 90 seconds. Plus, it opens with “Tubular Bells” and ends with “Outlands” by Daft Punk, which was part of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack – how can you not like that?

Peep the clip below and let us know what you think – and if you haven’t already, check out both of Jones’ feature films: Moon and Source Code

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