Watch Dominic Monaghan Prank Elijah Wood in This Hilarious 'Return of the King' Easter Egg

Watch Dominic Monaghan Prank Elijah Wood in This Hilarious 'Return of the King' Easter Egg

Jun 21, 2013

Elijah WoodSometimes on Fridays we like to dig into the vaults for some cool movie tidbits from the not-too-distant past to help ease you into the weekend. Today we’ve got something funny and cool from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

This clip, featuring Dominic Monaghan punking Elijah Wood, was hidden as an Easter egg on the DVD. To unlock it, you had to put in Disc One and then go to select a scene, then push down until a ring appears. Clicking it revealed the following video.

In it, Monaghan channels his inner Sascha Baron Cohen, pretending to be a daffy German interviewer talking to Elijah Wood (who is in NYC and can’t see Monaghan). The interview starts out sort of normal, but then gets really personal and bizarre, with Monaghan asking if Sean Astin is gay, why Wood isn’t involved with actress Franka Potente anymore, and finally revealing the gag when he asks if Wood knows his dolphin costar in the Flipper movie died… in an auto accident.

Monaghan does a great job of selling it, but what’s really interesting about the funny bits is watching Wood react to the questions. When he doesn’t realize he’s being put on, the actor tries to take the bizarre Q&A seriously, which highlights how difficult it probably is to do an all-day junket where you talk to hundreds of people asking the same questions with the occasional curveball thrown in.

Anyway, check out the clip below and have a few laughs before you head off into the weekend.


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