Watch: David Letterman's Great 10-Minute Tribute to Robin Williams

Watch: David Letterman's Great 10-Minute Tribute to Robin Williams

Aug 19, 2014

When we wrote about the passing of Robin Williams last week, one of the things we touched on was just how incredible the comedic star was as a guest on late-night talk shows. Williams was always at his most hilariously unpredictable when he strolled onto a late-night stage, with his appearances (almost 50!) on The Late Show with David Letterman ranking among our personal favorites.

The Late Show was off last week, and so host David Letterman returned on Monday to say a few words about a guy he was friends with for 38 years. Letterman's tribute lasted a little more than 10 minutes, and included some great stories about first meeting Williams at the Comedy Store when they were both just starting out. There's a tale about a Mork & Mindy cameo Letterman shouldn't have done, a great photo of Letterman standing with Williams and Richard Pryor (see it above), and a montage of Williams' best Late Show appearances to cap it all off.

Watch the funny and touching tribute below.




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