Watch: Critics Call 'Carrie: The Musical' a Catastrophe in 1988

Watch: Critics Call 'Carrie: The Musical' a Catastrophe in 1988

Sep 19, 2011

Twelve years after Brian De Palma brought Stephen King's 1974 novel Carrie to the big screen in 1976, Broadway decided the girl covered in pig's blood at the prom would be ripe for a musical stage production. The show opened to scathing reviews, cost a whopping $8 million, and closed after only five performances. While the original film had an element of 70's camp to it, it was a true blue horror movie about a high school girl with telekinetic powers who lived under the thumb of her psychotic, religious mother. The musical version turned King's creepy story into a strange and confusing farce.

This video compilation of reviews for Carrie: The Musical sums up the universal hatred for one of Broadway's biggest flops. Watch and listen to several critics pan the production for its scream-singing songs, terrible visual effects and costumes, odd duets about menstruation, and "garish" nonsensical ways. Other theatrical works have bombed on Broadway – like the musical version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, which closed after only four shows. The theater world hasn't learned its lesson, however, because Carrie is being revived for an off-Broadway run starting in January 2012. Yikes.


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