Watch: Cool, Freaky VFX Test Teaser for 'HIGH school' Director's Next Film, 'Limbo'

Watch: Cool, Freaky VFX Test Teaser for 'HIGH school' Director's Next Film, 'Limbo'

Oct 28, 2011

Many of you may not know director John Stalberg Jr. because his film HIGH school won't hit theaters until April 20th, 2012 (check out Scott Weinberg's review of the stoner dramedy from Sundance 2010), but regardless of who knows who we're still going to show you this very cool VFX text video Stalberg shot for his follow-up to HIGH school, a freaky-looking sci-fi flick called Limbo.

We're not sure how far along Stalberg is in the process of making it, but we do know that Gabriel Sunday (Archie's Final Project) stars in this test (and hopefully the film, too, because he's a fantastic actor who needs to be in more movies), and the VFX are being done by BUF, who worked on Gaspar Noe's trippy Enter the Void.

Based on this brief test teaser, it would appear as if Limbo is about a guy who gets stuck in some warped version of reality after he dies. What he's expected to do there, we don't know, but apparently people are after him, his body can turn into some crazy monster and fish can fly. Neat. Check it out below, as well as some of the VFX from Enter the Void, both of which came from Stalberg's official site.

'LIMBO' - VFX tests from John Stalberg Jr. on Vimeo.


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