Watch: Comic-Con's Best Panel, Featuring Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Winding Refn and More

Watch: Comic-Con's Best Panel, Featuring Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Winding Refn and More

Aug 26, 2011

There was a lot of talk at San Diego Comic-Con this year about how some of the major studios didn't host panels for their most anticipated upcoming movies (ie: No Batman, Superman, The Avengers, The Hunger Games), but, surprisingly, the absence of those blockbusters made room for some really fun, unique panels for smaller films, like Francis Ford Coppola's crazy panel for Twixt and this FilmDistrict panel for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Drive.

In a smart move, FilmDistrict decided to put both films on the stage at the same time for a lengthy conversation (moderated by our friend Eric Vespe from AICN) spotlighting two of today's best filmmakers, Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn. Also on the panel were Carey Mulligan, Guy Pearce, Troy Nixey and Ron Perlman, and not only did they partake in a conversation about each other's respective films, but we also learned a lot about the way del Toro and Refn operate as filmmakers; why they use certain filmmaking techniques over others and more -- all of it sprinkled with some absolutely hilarious, foul-mouthed humor on the part of the always-entertaining Guillermo del Toro.

If you have some spare time today or over the weekend, definitely give this one a watch. It's probably the only 2011 SDCC panel worth checking out in its entirety.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark hits theaters this weekend, while Drive arrives on September 16th.


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