Watch: Cinema Has "99 Problems" and 'The Wonders of Disney Animation'

Watch: Cinema Has "99 Problems" and 'The Wonders of Disney Animation'

Feb 13, 2012

Jay-Z's universal tale told in "99 Problems" gets the cinematic treatment in a remix by Eclectic Method. The producers/DJs created a mashup combining the song's lyrics with clips from a bazillion films — including Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Wayne's World and dozens more. "Watch as Christopher Walken confounds rap critics, or Marlon Brando despondently retorts to the cops pulling over Jay," EM wrote on their website. We're not sure what else we can add to this, other than to tell you that the clip will make you dizzy and envy the editing savvy on display. It's neat-o. Play it below. [via thedailywh.a]

YouTube user NkMcdonalds took 51 Disney films — which includes all of the Mickey Mouse studio's animated features — and paid homage to the magic and characters in Walt's family. "If it was right on the big screen, on a classy VHS tape, or on a simple disc, the times we spent laughing, crying, and cheering for these mesmerizing characters will stay in our hearts forever. We all flew to Neverland. We all went under the sea. We all found the honey," writes NkMcdonalds. Are you a little weepy yet? We agree that "riding on that flying carpet, adventuring Wonderland, and witnessing the reveal of the king's newborn cub will always be an unforgettable journey throughout cinema." What other endorsement do you need? Make yourself smile today by watching the trailer of Disney clips below, and imagine yourself in that theater seat for the first time all over again. [via TheMarySue]

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