Watch a Candid Conversation Between Darren Aronofsky and Mickey Rourke

Watch a Candid Conversation Between Darren Aronofsky and Mickey Rourke

Nov 09, 2012


Sometimes the most interesting behind-the-scenes moments in a movie aren't revealed on Blu-ray, but by the people who spent time on set observing the daily ins and outs of the filmmaking process. Set photographer for Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler Niko Tavernise — who has also shot images during the making of Black Swan and Moonrise Kingdom — captured a candid video of star Mickey Rourke chatting with Aronofsky in the actor's New York City home.
"I asked Darren to interview Mickey for me because Mickey never liked having me on set," Tavernise explains. "So a couple months after we wrapped I had Darren invite me to Mickey’s house in NYC. He had all these little dogs peeing and humping pillows and running around our legs… snorting like little piglets. But I just want people to see this… I think it was right before the Oscars… when Sean Penn got it for Milk." Rourke was nominated for the Best Actor award for his performance as a fading wrestling champ trying to navigate life outside the ring with his estranged daughter and stripper girlfriend. "I feel like I deserve to win, and if I don't I'm going to say f*ck really loud," Rourke jokes in the 10-minute video that our own Erik Davis spotted on website Cinephilia & Beyond (where there are several other interesting Wrestler-related gems). 
The Barfly star shares the story of how he came to know Aronofsky (his agent introduced him to the filmmaker as someone with his "own mind and vision") and admits that he ruined his career by working with people he didn't respect. Aronofsky was apparently quite direct when he pitched the film to Rourke, which immediately won the actor over. Adorably, Rourke describes the Noah filmmaker as a "special cat." We also learn a few personal details about Rourke. His "bible" early in his career was On Method Acting (he sent a copy to Aronofsky when he accepted the role), and he incorporated multiple elements from his personal life in the role (moments with his father, and he based the character on a friend). Rourke admits he sometimes tried to do as little as possible for the part, but was happy Aronofsky continued to push him to go further — and he should be since the role reinvigorated his career. Really, the best part of the video is listening to Rourke scream and curse at his yapping dogs. Enjoy!

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