Watch a Bunch of Kids Reenact the 2013 Oscar Nominees

Watch a Bunch of Kids Reenact the 2013 Oscar Nominees

Feb 21, 2013

Every year someone thinks it's a swell idea to dress a bunch of kids up and have them reenact scenes from the Oscar-nominated movies because... kids pretending to be adults is adorable and amusing and, okay, it gives us something to do while we kill time waiting for the workday to end. Here's this year's edition, created by Jared Neumark of Landline TV, that's worth watching if only for the improvised Argo scene in which one of the kids turns to the others and asks, "Do people really dress like this in the '70s?"

From a Q&A over at Buzzfeed, you may be delighted to know that the kids featured in the video reenacting scenes from R-rated movies have absolutely no idea what's going on, according to Neumark. "Every now and then you'll get a kid who knows about filming a video, they'll call out what the slate is or talk about film stuff, but they have no idea about what's going on or the movie we're talking about," he told the site.

Well at least they don't know what they're doing. That means the impact of these videos will only come back to haunt them in 20 years during therapy sessions, but right now it's, like, so cute.


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