Watch a British Guy Try to Pick Up Mila Kunis During an Interview

Watch a British Guy Try to Pick Up Mila Kunis During an Interview

Mar 05, 2013


Let's just get one thing out of the way: nerds love Mila Kunis. With a wicked sense of humor, declarations about being a Trekkie, and an easygoing demeanor, she's the kind of approachable, down-to-earth celeb that nerds actually stand a chance at a "hello" with. A recent interview with BBC radio personality Chris Stark of the Scott Mills show, which shows the host tripping over his words with the actress who has been doing press rounds for Oz: The Great and Powerful, recently went viral on Reddit — shocking, we know.

If you want to watch seven minutes of a Brit flirting with Kunis, inviting her out for drinks, talking about football, and gawking at her longingly, this is your video of the day. Stark also asks the star to be his date to his friend "Dicko's" wedding, and then tries to get her naked — at least that's how we're interpreting his nervous chatter. Instead of being offended or ignoring his advances, Kunis thanks him for being the best interview she gave that day. It's cute and silly, so give it a watch, and try not to hate this dude.


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