Watch: Brad Pitt Plays a Spy for Director Robert Zemeckis in the First 'Allied' Teaser

Watch: Brad Pitt Plays a Spy for Director Robert Zemeckis in the First 'Allied' Teaser

Aug 12, 2016

Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge isn't the only World War II-set film that's arriving in theaters this November -- Back to the Future and Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis has one too... and it's got Brad Pitt in it.

The first teaser trailer for Allied has arrived online, revealing what looks more like a spy thriller than a war picture as it tracks the story of a spy assassin (Pitt) who falls for a French spy (Marion Cotillard) while on an assignment to take out a German official. Their love for one another is tested as the war threatens to tear them apart at any moment.

Check it out.


This is the second film in two years for Robert Zemeckis (his The Walk hit theaters in October of last year), which seems like a lot but something we've seen from him before. Heck, in 2000 he had two films come out in the same year (What Lies Beneath, Cast Away). 

For Pitt, this isn't the first time we've seen him fighting Nazis. 

Unlike Inglorious Basterds, though, Allied looks to be a film stuffed with tension, where it's less about killing Nazis with baseball bats and more about feeding their secrets to the good guys without getting you and your loved ones killed. The film also looks to have a bit of old-school charm to it, too, and not just because some of the story is reportedly set in Casablanca.

Look for Allied in theaters on November 23.

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