Watch a Beautiful Short About the Evolution of the Film Camera

Watch a Beautiful Short About the Evolution of the Film Camera

Mar 13, 2014


The presence of this year’s Academy Award-winning picture Gravity has put a spotlight on the ever-changing technological advancements in cinema and the boundaries that moviemakers are willing to push in order to achieve fascinating and wondrous effects. The movie was shot digitally on multiple Arri Alexa cameras that were fitted with wide Arri Master Prime lenses. For the scenes captured on Earth, director Alfonso Cuarón shot with an Arri 765 camera using 65 mm film. If that isn’t a living timeline of the evolution of the movie camera, we don’t know what is — and we didn’t even discuss the insane lighting systems and other equipment used to help tell the tale of two astronauts adrift in space. 

The movie camera was highlighted in a beautiful video for the Society of Camera Operators 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony. Edited by Bob Joyce, the short takes us from the past into the present, sharing the groundbreaking work of the Lumière brothers, Eadweard Muybridge, Georges Méliès and more. Stanley Kubrick, Michael Mann and David Fincher lead us into the contemporary chapter, which also highlights several works from last year.

In case you’re wondering, the SOC award for Camera Operator of the Year went to Peter Taylor for Gravity.

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