Watch Batman Fulfill a Terminally Ill Boy's Wish

Watch Batman Fulfill a Terminally Ill Boy's Wish

Aug 24, 2012

With all the negative attention thrown at Batman this summer due mostly to the tragic shooting in Aurora, it's stories like this that prove the character is so much more of a hero than he is someone who inspires random acts of violence. Jayden Barber is four years old and he has terminal bone cancer. The doctors say Jayden doesn't have much time left, and so his parents and community are doing everything they can to give Jayden a lifetime's worth of memories before he dies.

Since Jayden is a huge Batman fan, his hometown recently rallied around the youngster and put together an event that included a whole host of superheroes, including Batman, with helicopters, the Bat signal, an honorary key to his local township and a $200,000 Maserati Batmobile so that he can live out his days driving around in his hero's ride. 

So as we head into the weekend, use this story as a reminder that our love for one another will always conquer the hate that's out there, and be thankful there are characters like Batman still around to inspire hope in the next generation of heroes. [via WYTV]

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