Watch an Awesome Supercut Featuring Movies Inside Other Movies

Watch an Awesome Supercut Featuring Movies Inside Other Movies

Jul 22, 2013

Slacktory has published a new supercut called Movies in Movies: A Montage. What you read is what you get: a celebration of cinema within cinema, set to music, featuring clips from new and old greats. Most of the movies included feature film-centric scenes that are integral to the plot or overall character of the film — as in the case of John Landis' An American Werewolf in London. The 1981 film about two Americans backpacking through England who are attacked by a werewolf features a clever, but frightening moment that takes place in a porn theater.

Spoiler: Griffin Dunne's Jack was killed during the scuffle with the beast, but he reappears later as an animated corpse to warn David Naughton's character about a curse.

It's a fever dream moment that contains some witty banter between the friends (the film is one of the darkest "buddy comedies" around, after all), but also heightens the movie's themes of alienation and foreignness. Check out the Slacktory supercut, and feel free to add your own favorite "movies in movies" flicks, below.

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