Watch: Are These the Best Makeup Transformations in Movie History?

Watch: Are These the Best Makeup Transformations in Movie History?

Sep 25, 2014


The folks at CineFix have rounded up a video countdown of cinema’s most stunning makeup transformations. We all know that great special effects makeup can transport audiences to a world beyond the screen. The annals of film history are full of stunning transformations where actors became fantastical creatures and more.

Kicking off the countdown is Gordon Smith’s FX makeover for X-Men and Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique. The actress spent eight hours in the chair for her head-to-toe application. Her blue flesh looks like paint, but it’s actually silicone prosthetics. “The most challenging part is the makeup because it’s just such a fragile costume,” Robijn said of the transformation. “It’s literally disintegrating as soon as it’s finished so they are constantly touching you up. If you have an hour till the next setup you have to go back to your trailer and decide do I want to lie down, take a nap and have to endure another half hour of touching up or do I want to just sit here like a stone." Sounds… fun?

The video also delves into gender-swapping makeovers like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie (created by Allen Weisinger), monster makeup (the iconic Frankenstein from artist Jack Pierce to the grotesque work of Chris Walas in David Cronenberg’s The Fly), and the most dramatic transformations (like that of Charlize Theron in Monster by artist Toni G, who turned the former model into serial killer Aileen Wuornos).

We’ll let you discover who won the number one spot for yourself. Did CineFix get it right? [Spotted via Neatorama]





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