Watch an Animated Version of the 'Batman v Superman' Comic-Con Teaser

Watch an Animated Version of the 'Batman v Superman' Comic-Con Teaser

Aug 15, 2014

The following video functions in two ways: 

1. It serves up a pretty detailed version (albeit in animated form) of the much-hyped Comic-Con teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is a teaser that won't be online in an official capacity, and so this is probably your best chance to get a feel for what it looked like.

2. That being said, it includes a comical ending that was not included on the real thing, and so after you get a taste of what was shown at Comic-Con, you're treated to a pretty funny ending featuring... well, we won't ruin the surprise.

Note: The actual Comic-Con teaser ended on a stare-down between Superman and Batman. Everything that follows is make-believe icing on top of an already scrumptious piece of a superhero movie we can't wait to see.




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