Watch the Animated Short That Inspired 'Office Space'

Watch the Animated Short That Inspired 'Office Space'

Feb 20, 2014

Milton in Office SpaceYesterday, Eric D. Snider reminded us we’re all getting older with an article about Office Space’s 15-year anniversary. Time sure does fly… have we really been joking about TPS reports and red Swingline staplers for nearly two decades? The math doesn’t lie.

Creator Mike Judge actually first revealed the concept for the cult film years earlier through a series of animated shorts that appeared on MTV and Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s. The first of these shorts, featuring the lovable, stapler-obsessed, potential arsonist Milton, hews very close to scenes that eventually wound up in the film.

In the animated short, Milton laments being banished to the basement and losing his beloved stapler (although, in this short it’s green – not red), before being bothered by smarmy boss Bill Lumbergh.

Click on the image below to watch the short.

While this version of Milton looks noticeably different from Stephen Root in the film, it’s Root who provides the iconic voice. As a blueprint for the finished scene in the film, it works really well – Judge didn’t have to tinker with much of anything to get Milton to make the jump from 2D animation to live action.

Watch the animated scene above, then reminisce about Office Space’s cultural impact by checking out Eric’s feature



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