Watch Amy Adams in First 'Nocturnal Animals' Teaser

Watch Amy Adams in First 'Nocturnal Animals' Teaser

Sep 15, 2016

Nocturnal Animals

Based on a novel by Austin Wright, Nocturnal Animals bursts onto the screen through the vision and artistry of Tom Ford. First establishing himself as a fashion designer and creative director for the likes of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Ford brought his high style to movies in 2009.

A Single Man, written for the screen and directed by Ford, starred Colin Firth as an English professor struggling to deal with the loss of his beloved boyfriend in 1960s Los Angeles. The film struck a chord with audiences and Firth's performance earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Naturally, everyone has been anticipating Ford's sophomore effort, Nocturnal Animals, wondering if it can live up to the promise of his debut. Amy Adams stars as an art gallery owner who feels haunted after she reads her ex-husband's latest novel. The book seems like a violent, veiled threat against her, which is understandably quite disturbing. We've now seen the first footage from the movie, which imparts a very moody atmosphere. Take a look below.


Our own Erik Davis just saw the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival and had this to say:

Additionally, here's Erik's 30-second review of the film, too.




Jake Gyllenhall, Aaron Tayor-Johnson, Isla Fisher and Armie Hammer also star. Nocturnal Animals will open in theaters in limited release on November 18.

Noctural Animals

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