Watch: Amazing Short Film Inspired by 'Blade Runner' was Shot Entirely on Digital Cameras

Watch: Amazing Short Film Inspired by 'Blade Runner' was Shot Entirely on Digital Cameras

Nov 09, 2011

Still from short film XXITFor more proof that technology has made it easy and affordable for almost anyone to make an awesome movie without a multi million-dollar budget, look no further than this amazing new short from the guys at Stargate Studios. XXIT, a sci-fi feature that pays homage to both Blade Runner and The Terminator, was shot entirely on the new Canon EOS C300 camera.

Granted, the digital Canon camera’s $20,000 price tag is out of the range of the average backyard auteur, but as new tech evolves it invariably becomes cheaper – which will certainly happen with this camera. There’s going to come a day where cameras like this will be affordable to everyone – and we can only imagine all the cool things creative people will do with them. In the meantime, there are tons of affordable digital cameras out there – and while the results might not be quite as stunning as what Stargate has done with the EOS C300, fledgling Spielberg’s can still helm a film that looks like it cost a million bucks.

XXIT runs 11 minutes and tells a tale that riffs on both Blade Runner and The Terminator – about a condemned bioclone who travels back to modern day San Francisco to save the human donor who provided the DNA that made her. The opening segments look like something straight out of Ridley Scott’s cult classic. It’s amazing that visual FX like this can be done without a studio’s worth of computer geeks.

Check out the film below, then watch a very cool featurette on how the guys at Stargate made the film. 

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