Watch: Alfred Hitchcock's Strict Rules for 'Psycho' Moviegoers

Watch: Alfred Hitchcock's Strict Rules for 'Psycho' Moviegoers

Jul 19, 2012

Has Tim League of the Alamo Drafthouse fame wet himself yet watching this vintage "press book on film"? Our friends at the Austin movie theater have enforced a strict theater etiquette policy that other cinemas have taken notice of recently. We think they'd absolutely adore this video featuring Psycho director Alfred Hitchcock. The filmmaker — with his distinct drawl — informs us that "no one…BUT NO ONE…will be admitted to the theater after the start of each performance of Psycho." Hitchcock enforced this policy with cardboard signs featuring his likeness and actual Pinkerton policemen. "We won't allow you to cheat yourself," he declared. 

Don Draper would be proud of this marketing scheme that carefully crafted anticipation and gave moviegoers a giant thrill. Audiences were even given instructions for after they left the theater, with Hitchcock "insisting" that viewers don't spoil the movie for their friends. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, do they? Dig into the delightful video below. 


[via Dangerous Minds]

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