Watch: Afghanistan's Pioneering Computer Animated Short

Watch: Afghanistan's Pioneering Computer Animated Short

May 25, 2012

Russian and Iranian cartoons are popular in Afghanistan, but director Abbas Ali is aiming to "make his culture alive once again" by creating the first computer animated short in Hazaragi. The language comes from the Hazara people, who are the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. The country's history is mired in violent political upheaval, and its citizens have struggled with tight restrictions on media, both reasons why Ali left his home territory and ventured to Pakistan to study animation. He started production on Buz-e-Chini there, a pioneering accomplishment and one that almost didn't happen considering the production company was essentially shut down due to ongoing financial struggles. 

Ali's movie centers on a family of goats and is based on a Hazara folk tale, featuring a wily wolf. Assassinated politician Hussain Ali Yousafi lent his vocal talents for the part of the cunning beast, and the film is dedicated to him. You can watch the clip below, which is impressive in its own right, but the struggles of its conception certainly make it all the more amazing of a feat.


[via Cartoon Brew]

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