Watch Actual Home Video of the Legendary Parties Thrown by the Wolf of Wall Street

Watch Actual Home Video of the Legendary Parties Thrown by the Wolf of Wall Street

Dec 17, 2013

The first reviews for Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street arrived today, and the one thing you'll most definitely take away from all of them is that this is a filthy film. Scorsese's take on the overindulgence of greedy, crooked stock brokers definitely overindulges itself -- to the tune of somewhere around three hours, with so much sex, nudity, foul language and drug abuse, you'll want to spend a couple of hours afterwards washing your eyes out with soap. And like many of this year's top awards contenders, The Wolf of Wall Street is also based on a real-life story -- one documented in the very book written by the guy who's portrayed in the movie by Leonardo DiCaprio: Jordan Belfort.

Like Scorsese's own Goodfellas, The Wolf of Wall Street is another rise-and-fall story, complete with the ballsy mentor, the angry wife, the overwhelming success and the ugly downfall. It's a dark crowd-pleaser that shows you just how ugly human beings can become when they stumble into more money than they know what to do with. Well that, and how classless some guys from Long Island are. As such, with money comes parties -- and boy did these guys (and girls) like to party. You can see some of that partying in the trailers for the film, as well as one particular poster featuring DiCaprio (as Belfort) screaming into a microphone while hosting a massive throwdown at his house.

That party actually happened, as did several others during the early 1990s when Belfort's Stratton Oakmont brokerage house was thriving. The specific party featured below took place prior to the Forbes article that outed Belfort as a Wall Street schemer while at the same time turning him into a Wall Street celebrity whom every young kid wanted to work for and emulate. 

In the film, we see Belfort give this speech on a top balcony of his house -- much like he does in this video -- surrounded by coworkers and beautiful girls. According to the YouTuber who posted the video, this isn't from the party featured in the film, but it's from one of Belfort's other legendary parties that served as inspiration for it. 

Though there's a lot more debauchery depicted in the film that you do not see here (sorry -- go see the movie!), these videos -- one a beach party, the other a Christmas party -- give you an idea of what was really going on at these things. Like the movie, they also show us a Jordan Belfort who, if anything, loved to rile up his troops. 

Note: Parts of these videos may be NSFW and contain foul language




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