Watch: 'Zombie In A Penguin Suit' is One Heckuva Heartbreakingly Beautiful Short Film

Watch: 'Zombie In A Penguin Suit' is One Heckuva Heartbreakingly Beautiful Short Film

Oct 18, 2011

With filmmakers constantly trying to work different angles of the zombie genre, it's often difficult to come up with something that hasn't already been done better. In the case of this short, it spins around the POV so that you're more emotionally invested in the story of a zombie versus a human trying to escape from the zombie. Reminiscent (in some ways) of the Dead Island videogame trailer everyone flipped a lid for, Zombie In A Penguin Suit is told from the POV of, well, a zombie in a penguin suit ... or some dude who was working in a penguin suit when he was attacked by zombies, thus putting him in the unfortunate predicament of having to wake up a zombie who gets to roam around in a silly penguin suit.

But there's so much more going on beneath the film's funny title, with its hauntingly tragic score (written by Marc Mellits and performed by Real Quiet) guiding us through this zombie's journey back to a home that no longer exists. From feasting on the humans fighting back to roaming through fields of crosses, the cinematography is gorgeous and the overall theme of isolation -- of what it's like to be an outcast -- sort of overwhelms you by the time we arrive at the end.

One other thing zombie purists might enjoy is the short's explanation for both fast and slow zombies, which totally makes sense. We also liked this quote that was left in the comments section on YouTube, though we're not sure where it comes from.

"We are born confused, thrust into chaos. As we stumble along to the tune of melancholy, we find our own paths. There are many close calls and friends' help along the way but for the most part our survival is by chance. But the world passes us by and death surrounds us. We find ourselves alone, bloodied, limping to the sirens of a new age. Under the merciless grip of extinction we look out over an ocean, thinking of better days, decrepit and tired, a tragedy wrapped inside a joke."

Who wants to see more from director Chris Russell now?


[via Geektyrant]

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