Watch 'The Simpsons' Honor Hayao Miyazaki, Plus: Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison Set to Make Cameos

Watch 'The Simpsons' Honor Hayao Miyazaki, Plus: Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison Set to Make Cameos

Jan 10, 2014

Simpsons Miyazaki tribute

A quarter of a century in, Fox’s hit animated series The Simpsons just keeps chugging along. Sure, the quality has declined a bit from the early years, but we still find that there’s at least two or three good laughs in even the most recent episodes. Last week’s take on movie piracy was one of the best eps in recent years, for example – and a pretty fitting reminder that the guys behind the show can still be keenly observant, topical and, most importantly, funny.

Things look to continue this Sunday with an episode entitled “Married to the Blob," featuring Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison cameos. In the story, Comic Book Guy meets the love of his life in the form of a Japanese Manga writer, and must convince her father he’s worthy. Lee’s along to provide moral support, while Harlan’s there to berate Milhouse for stealing his ideas. Looks pretty great.

Lee and Ellison spoke about their time on the show, which you can catch in the clip below. [via THR]

Meanwhile, this other cool Simpsons video is also making the rounds – in it, Springfield is reimagined as something out of a Hayao Miyazaki film. It’s a pretty spot-on impression, and we particularly like the idea of Otto as the cat bus and Patty and Selma flying about as the witch from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The segment, which will also be part of this Sunday’s episode, is a tribute to Miyazaki now that he’s announced he’s retiring. Check it out below and see how many of the references you can spot. [via Bleeding Cool


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