Watch: 'The Loved Ones,' One of the Best Horror Movies in Years, Finally Has a Trailer for its Long Overdue US Release

Watch: 'The Loved Ones,' One of the Best Horror Movies in Years, Finally Has a Trailer for its Long Overdue US Release

May 02, 2012

I first saw The Loved Ones at SXSW 2010 and its perfect blend of dark humor and horror blew me - and the entire theater - away. I hadn't experienced a horror movie that purely entertaining in years and was convinced a smart US distributor would snap up this Australian gem about a prom night gone horribly wrong and get it in US theaters as soon as possible.

For whatever stupid reason, that didn't happen, because here we are over two years later. The stars of Sean Byrne's films made the trip to Hollywood (Xavier Samuel was in Twilight: Eclipse and Robin McLeavy is in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), but the film itself still hasn't released Stateside. Thankfully that's about to change, albeit in a new way.

Back in February we brought you the first word of, a new company that enables audiences to bring the movies they want to their own local theater. The process is simple: A promoter at Tugg creates a screening, gets friends, family and strangers to commit to going, and once the ticket reserve has been met, Tugg steps in and arranges the booking with the theater. This is the route Paramount is going with their release of The Loved One in June.

Honestly, it's a bit of a bummer, because The Loved Ones is good enough to play in every multiplex across the country. But, sadly, the marketplace for smart, fun horror movies isn't nearly as big as it should be (the weak box office embrace of The Cabin in the Woods proves that), and so horror fans must once again do a little extra leg work to see the movies they want to see. But please trust me when I say The Loved Ones is worth that extra leg work. Just check out the trailer below for proof, and if it looks up your alley, head to Tugg to see how you can help bring this awesome film to your neck of the woods.

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