Watch: 'The Kings of Summer' Is Destined to Become One of Your Favorite Comedies of the Year

Watch: 'The Kings of Summer' Is Destined to Become One of Your Favorite Comedies of the Year

Mar 22, 2013

Fans of the coming-of-age movie are in for some excellent material this year as the genre enjoys a bit of a resurgence with a number of truly satisfying (and funny, and heartfelt) films hitting theaters throughout the year, many of which premiered at this past Sundance Film Festival. One of those was The Kings of Summer (formerly known as Toy's House), about three kids who ditch their parents houses and attempt to set up a new life for themselves in the middle of the nearby woods. 

From my Sundance review: "It's not as dark as Stand By Me or as dirty as Superbad, but Toy's House The Kings of Summer still feels very much like a mixture of both. From the film's McLovin-type 'weird third wheel' to what happens to childhood friendships when the line between being a kid and an adult begins to blur, The Kings of Summer completely wins you over with its nostalgic '80s sensibilities and a supporting cast of familiar comedic faces (Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Megan Mullally) that never stop making you laugh out loud."

The Kings of Summer just moved to prime summer-release real estate with a May 31 date, making it the perfect movie to kick off a summer full of new adventures, exciting romances and complicated relationships, all of which factor heavily into the themes of the film. Definitely see this one, and check out the first teaser trailer below. 


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