Watch: 'The Hobbit' Production Video Finds Everyone Racing to Finish the Movie

Watch: 'The Hobbit' Production Video Finds Everyone Racing to Finish the Movie

Nov 26, 2012


You can tell Peter Jackson is running on tea and adrenaline in the latest Hobbit production video blog. "It's due to be completed, literally, two days before the premiere. Hopefully," the frazzled-looking director says with a maniacal giggle. The team is in the postproduction stage of the highly anticipated first chapter of the J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation, and damn they look exhausted.

We get a look inside Park Road, the fancy-pants postproduction facility located in Wellington, New Zealand where The Hobbit is being crafted by a team of angels, wizards and possibly black-magic practitioners, to bring Jackson's film to life on time. Editor Jabez Olssen is busy in "the bunker" while Jackson watches his handiwork on a big-screen television. The previs (previsualization)  team is whittling away at its 3D storyboards, which are still being finished (despite what "pre" suggests), and we find out that the Weta team is housed in a former insane asylum — which seems entirely appropriate. Watch more Hobbit-y production madness in the video, below. The excitement is contagious. What we can peek at looks amazing (duh), and let's hope these guys get to take the longest vacation ever as soon as possible — especially since part two is happening almost immediately!


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