Watch 'The Goonies' Deleted Scene When the Gang Fights an Octopus

Watch 'The Goonies' Deleted Scene When the Gang Fights an Octopus

Jun 25, 2012

The Goonies turns 27-years-old this month, and one of its stars -- Jeff Cohen (aka Chunk) -- turns 38 today. Happy birthday dude! So, naturally, we're using these milestones as an excuse to write up one of our favorite summer movies of all time -- or, in particular, this one deleted scene toward the end of the film. 

Most of you have probably heard of this and/or have watched it already, but even if you have -- or haven't -- now seems like a good time to revisit a scene that at one point was practically legendary until fans were finally given a chance to watch it on a DVD release. The scene comes toward the end when the whole gang is in the water next to the pirate ship. Apparently there was a scary octopus in the water too, and one of our Goonies would've been killed had it not been for some cheesy 80's pop music (because all nasty sea creatures can be defeated using 80's music -- it's a known fact). 

Watch the deleted scene below ...

The scene was eventually cut because of time, but it also doesn't work very well. It's shot poorly, the tension doesn't really build, and it's hard to see what's even happening. One fun fact from this scene, however, was that director Richard Donner didn't let the cast see the pirate ship until they shot these scenes because he wanted their reactions to its overwhelming presence to be authentic.

Also, for those interested in what Chunk is up to these days, the man is still making waves in Hollywood, except he's behind the scenes working as a very successful entertainment lawyer. 

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