Watch: 'The Frontrunners,' an Intimate Guide to This Year's Best Movies

Watch: 'The Frontrunners,' an Intimate Guide to This Year's Best Movies

Dec 12, 2012

It's difficult to find some originality when it comes to awards season. There's the long wait for nominations, then the constant debates over who was better than who, and eventually lots of snarky awards show live-blogging. It feels like we're having the same conversation in the same way every year, with the movies being the only thing that changes.

This is why I'm digging Dave Karger's new show The Frontrunners over at Fandango. Karger switches things up a bit by hosting these really intimate one-on-one conversations with those involved in making some of the year's top awards contenders. What's unique about his chats with them, though, is that he singles out specific scenes in the movie and the duo provide a live commentary of the scene(s) in question, giving insight to how it was constructed. 

Watch Karger's chat with Ben Affleck about one of Argo's most memorable sequences below, then head over to Fandango to catch him talking to Amy Adams, Richard Gere and more. 

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