Watch: 'South Park' Documentary '6 Days to Air' Trailer

Watch: 'South Park' Documentary '6 Days to Air' Trailer

Sep 29, 2011

On October 9th, Comedy Central will air the documentary 6 Days to Air, which follows the ridiculously insane production process behind the making of South Park. Fans of the show are probably already familiar with the way they work -- how almost all of their shows are pieced together within a few days of the episode actually going on air. This is done so that they can remain topical, and respond to whatever big thing everyone is talking about.

The doc looks to follow South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (and their entire team) as they rush from The Book of Mormon Broadway premiere back to South Park studios to piece together the first episode of season 15, HUMANCENTiPAD, which riffs on The Human Centipede. We've always wanted to look in on the process of making South Park because it's such an intriguing one. The fact that these folks can piece together hilarious episodes within the span of just a few days just boggles the mind, and this doc looks like a really fun watch.

It also has us wondering what happened to James Franco's SNL doc, Saturday Night, which was another fascinating look behind-the-scenes of a show that comes together in just one week. We saw it awhile ago and really loved it, but as of now it's not available on DVD or anything. Here's hoping it finds its way into the world again. In the meantime, check out the trailer for 6 Days to Air below ...


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