Watch: 'Skyfall's Underwater Opening Credits Sequence, Plus 'The Untold Story of 007' Documentary

Watch: 'Skyfall's Underwater Opening Credits Sequence, Plus 'The Untold Story of 007' Documentary

Nov 15, 2012


There are few opening credits sequences as iconic as those featured in the James Bond series, and if you saw Skyfall last weekend (if not, what gives?), you'll remember the 23 spy film follows suit. Director Sam Mendes worked with British music video director Daniel Kleinman (who started working on the 007 movies with Goldeneye) for Skyfall's underwater opener, which featured shadowy figures, nude women and Chinese dragons. Spoiler alert: it didn't entirely work for us.

Some of those effects felt oddly dated, and they threw everything in there but the kitchen sink (more so than usual). We still appreciated the dreamy segue that picks up after Bond falls victim to Eve's gunshot and sinks deeper through the water. It definitely recalls the classic theme laid out by original title designer Maurice Binder, set to Adele's theme song. Revisit the sequence, below. [via Slash Film]


Cinephilia & Beyond shared a video that should make 007 enthusiasts very happy. In August, we told you about the upcoming James Bond documentary Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007, directed by Fire in Babylon's Steven Riley, and produced by John Battsek (One Day in September) and Simon Chinn (Man on Wire). The film has made its way online, and you can watch it with us, above. Bond producers Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, and 007's creator Ian Fleming introduced the famed secret agent man in 1962. Five decades later, Bond is cinema's longest-running franchise and a worldwide thriller favorite that encompasses an entire lifestyle. The documentary reveals "the battles, threats and real stakes unfolding behind the camera." This is what we shared about Bond's background in August:

"Broccoli and Saltzman founded Eon Productions. Cubby — whose proper name appears during the opening credits of every Bond film — had been eyeing up Fleming's novels for quite a while before kicking off the series with Dr. No. Eventually his partnership with Saltzman started to crumble when the duo disagreed about Saltzman's outside projects — including a trilogy of spy films about Bond-esque character Harry Palmer, who lacked the edge (and the glorious gadgets) of 007. Saltzman had to withdraw his partnership due to financial woes. The Broccoli family still runs Eon, and it has always been a close-knit operation. It should be interesting to learn more about the trio's personal relationships and hopefully gain even more knowledge about how Fleming shaped the screen character. We already know that he wasn't initially fond of Connery, but quickly changed his mind once he saw him in action."

Watch the doc, and geek out in the comments.

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