Watch: 'Scorsese's New York' Is a Great Tribute to the Filmmaker's Love of His City

Watch: 'Scorsese's New York' Is a Great Tribute to the Filmmaker's Love of His City

Jan 24, 2014


Martin Scorsese grew up in New York’s Little Italy, and his adoration of the city has never left him. The Big Apple features prominently in most of Scorsese’s movies, and Robert Kolodny has put together a digital love letter that highlights the maestro’s love for the city. The clips come from 14 different Scorsese films, including works that feature scenes from early New York (Gangs of New York) and his most recent movie set against the 1990s stock exchange, The Wolf of Wall Street. Steve O'Hagan at the New York Film Academy beautifully summed up the way the metropolis figures into the director's work:

Even at his most brutal, however, Scorsese's vision is breathtakingly cinematic. Never more so than when set loose among New York's steaming sidewalks and skyscraping edifices. In the same way Michael Mann has captured the definitive on-screen aesthetic for Los Angeles, Scorsese has defined his home city. He catalogues life under the toenails of the Big Apple's tower blocks with the same mixture of fascination and repulsion found in so many of his characters. His daubing of colour among night time cityscapes — the neon-lit processions of human detritus in Taxi Driver and Bringing Out The Dead; the drab, alienating décor of After Hours; even the sweltering, tawdry glow of Casino's Las Vegas horizon of advertising hoardings — impeccably generates mood and atmosphere.
Bask in Sorsese’s cinematic grit, grime and downtown romanticism in this three-minute clip.

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