Watch 'Pulp Fiction' in Chronological Order

Watch 'Pulp Fiction' in Chronological Order

Dec 08, 2011

Quentin Tarantino's intoxicating crime spree, Pulp Fiction, is a tale told out of order with an overlapping narrative. Part of the fun of repeatedly viewing the movie is spotting the crossovers and tie-ins and the way it all fits together. The fractured narrative is mostly a directorial conceit, but it works for that series of stories. That's why it seems strange that someone would take the time to edit the movie into linear, chronological order. Does it really add anything to the experience, or detract from it? You can watch for yourself below and let us know. We think if you really want to edit Pulp Fiction, you should excise Bruce Willis' annoying girlfriend from the story. She sucks. 


[via Dangerous Minds]

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