Watch: 'New Romance' Combines 'Final Destination' Horrors with ... 'Saved By the Bell'

Watch: 'New Romance' Combines 'Final Destination' Horrors with ... 'Saved By the Bell'

Aug 04, 2011

The most amusing thing the soon to be released Final Destination 5 had going for it was their pervy and ridiculous former title, 5nal Destination – but the cast of the horror franchise have upped the ante in the funny department with a new video, courtesy of star Miles Fisher. The actor happens to have a gift for song and hilarity, spotlighted in his latest video spoof. New Romance combines a catchy pop tune with Saved by the Bell shenanigans and the gore of the Final Destination series. The late 80's sitcom boosted the careers of several mid-to-low level talents -- including Showgirls' Elizabeth Berkley – talking up social issues and sporting all the usual teen stereotypes. Fisher kills them all off in his video, because really … somebody had to do it. Final Destination 5 – which probably won't be as entertaining as this little song and dance number -- hits theaters on August 12. 

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