Watch: 'Left 4 Dead' Fan Film Brings Valve's Zombie Apocalypse to a PC Near You

Watch: 'Left 4 Dead' Fan Film Brings Valve's Zombie Apocalypse to a PC Near You

Jan 02, 2012

Left 4 Dead Fan film art

While the holidays are (finally) over, and it’s back to work for the vast majority of us today, we’re easing into 2012. It’s pretty quiet on the movie news front, but that gives us an opportunity to share some of the things that got lost in the shuffle of a hectic close to 2011.

Things like this cool fan-made Left 4 Dead movie. If you’re not a gamer, Left 4 Dead is Valve’s popular multiplayer cooperative zombie shooter. Players can team up with three friends and face the zombie apocalypse dead on. The title’s already spawned a sequel (which was available during the annual Steam game sale for the ridiculously low price of $5), and a plethora of fan films. It makes sense – Left 4 Dead would make the basis of a great zombie movie. Maybe Hollywood will figure that out one of these days.

This new entry (entitled Left 4 Dead: Impulse 76) in the ever-growing series of fan films surrounding the games comes from Northern Five Entertainment and Airsoft GI (yes, the same Airsoft who makes the cool air rifles) and is really impressive – at least until the end, when it gives in to a bizarre urge to pay fan service to a bunch of unrelated game franchises.

Directed by Adrian Picard, the film features three of the characters from the first game as they traverse a zombie-filled street. When they reach their destination, things go south and it looks like game over for the team, until they get unexpected help from some of gaming’s most iconic characters. We’ll not spoil the cameos here, but they’re kinda cool and silly at the same time.

Picard and company shot the film for next to nothing, yet it looks better than most of the indie and low-budget zombie flicks we’ve seen in the past few years. Seriously – some producer out there looking for the next big thing should snatch these guys up.

Check out the short and a cool making-of video for below. 

[via DreadCentral]

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