Watch: 'King of Kong' Champ Steve Wiebe Attempts to Set 'Wreck-It Ralph' Video Game Record

Watch: 'King of Kong' Champ Steve Wiebe Attempts to Set 'Wreck-It Ralph' Video Game Record

Sep 05, 2012

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is set in a video game world, so who better to help promote it than gaming legend and King of Kong star Steve Wiebe?

Wiebe was in Seattle for the recent Penny Arcade Expo (better known as PAX to gamers) – and Disney had a special challenge for him: set a high score on a playable version of the Fix-It Felix game that is one of the centerpieces of the new film.

Wiebe sat down (with cameras around to capture the action, naturally) and proceeded to turn in a pretty impressive score on the game – which finds the titular Felix hopping around on a building fixing broken windows while dodging bricks tossed from the roof by Ralph. The game has some similarities to Donkey Kong (which is probably why Wiebe picked it up so effortlessly) as well as Q-Bert.

The event wasn’t designed just to show off Wiebe’s formidable gaming skills – it was also part of a promotion. If a player could beat Wiebe’s high score, Disney would hold a special advance screening of the film in that player’s hometown. As /Film points out, there’s been no word if anyone actually met the challenge – although we’re sure if Wiebe’s King of Kong rival Billy Mitchell knew about it, he’d have been on a flight to Seattle in a matter of minutes…

Check out some video footage from the event below.

Wreck-It Ralph remains one of our most-anticipated films of the fall. Featuring the voice talents of John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch and cameos from some of gaming’s most recognizable icons, the story of a video game bad guy who wants to break out of his rut (and his arcade cabinet) looks sure to appeal to kids and adults alike. The film hits theaters on November 2.

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